Aventures des Toiles

Helena Simeonsson


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 Created in 2000, Aventures des Toiles, french design, draws its inspiration from art, sources contemporary artwork and then creates beautiful and original clothing, using the art each season.

Every season, 5 artworks, 5 lines are giving the inspiration and the matter to create models in perfect harmony.

A collection shaped by artists’creations! An open window to the imagination of an artist, each artwork is selected for the season and reinterpreted by the creative team.

Sometimes just a single motif from an entire artwork, drawn out of the work like a thread on a reel.

Or perhaps it’s the colours that break free from the shackles of the form, invading the fabric to become the backcloth.

Much more than an imitation, taking an artwork apart enables us to recreate its power and richness.

Each of the lines of clothing presented by Aventures des Toiles therefore possesses its own identity, the fruit of the artist’s imagination and our in-house expertise.

Exclusive prints, colors, with innovative cutting techniques, refined shaped and exclusive jacquards.

Aventures des Toiles