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At ZILCH colour is key. We create collections with timeless, feminine styles in bold prints and colours. Wevalue the use of natural fibres that feelcomfortable and soft.Our broad range of bamboo basics feel like a second skin and complete every collection. Combining solids and prints is a joy in every collection. Go for a printed dress with matching basic cardi or be more daring with a funkyprinted pants and an dottedsweater. What ever you choose, COLOUR YOUR DAY with



ZILCH is a family business. Owner Gabriel Thissen started the brand thirty years agowhen he took over a small vintage shop in the city centre of Amsterdam. In 1989 he started his own production of oversized blouses in pure silkand over the years the company grew. With a small team of cousins -some work in the office, some have their own shop -and other enthusiasts, we create collections in a familiar an informal atmosphere.The meaning of ZILCH might benoppesornada, but we have grown into a solid and divers brand, sold in brand stores and independent boutiques across Europe. You can find our selling points on our website www.zilch.nl. 


In creating our collections we choose fabrics of natural origin, like bamboo, viscose, cotton or wool and blends of these comfortable fabrics. With every collection new sustainable fabrics are introduced. You will find eco-cotton, tencel and eco-viscose in everycollection.We prefer working with factories that use dey that is environmentaly friendly and not use aggressive deying techniques in which chemicals are used.Creating collections that are timeless and of high quality and therefor sustainable is something we strive for.Aboveall we value the way our clothes are manufactured. All factories we work with produce according tothe International Labour Standards. Every season we visit our factories in Asia and Greece and have close contact with them during the production process.


Besides making sure our factory workers live and work in healthy circumstances, we have also committed ourselves to a group called ‘Movement On The Ground’. They areindependent business people responding to humanitarian crisis affectingthe innocent men, women, and children forced from their homes.by climate change, poverty, and war.www.movementontheground.com